Tactic of treatment of pathology of cervix is before auxiliary genesial technologies


  • Irina Kostyuk Shupyk National Healthcare University of Ukraine, Kyiv


pathology of cervix, treatment, auxiliary genesial technologies


DOI: 10.52705/2788-6190-2023-01-06
УДК 618.146-089-06:618.177-089.888.11-08-035

The objective: оptimization of tactic of operative treatment of pathology of cervix before auxiliary genesial technologies.
Materials and methods. An inspection and treatment was conducted 96 patients of genesial age with infertility on a background passionately dystrophic and hyperplastic processes of endocervix.
Basic group from 70 patients were made by women, which treatment of pathology of cervix which was studied was executed, by the methods of cryolysis or radio wave surgery (in particular by the method of cryolysis – 30 patients, by the method of radio wave surgery – 40 patients); to the group comparisons entered 26 women, which surgical operations – curettage and bougienage
concerning pathology of cervix which is studied were executed.
Research methods: clinical, instrumental, microbiological, morphological and statistical.
Results. Treatment of base-line diseases of cervix by radio wave surgical treatment or cryolysis is a high-efficiency method both in parturient and for nulliparous women. The study of influence of the conducted treatment on the cervix rotined, that he did not not only influence negatively on the menstrual function of women but also instrumental in normalization of menstrual cycle.
Complex method of treatment of patients with fibrotic accretions and cicatrical deformations of cervical canal highly effective, that allows to avoid not only the relapses of disease but also pick up thread the functional state of endocervix, that is basic at treatment of patients with infertility on the stage of preparation to auxiliary genesial technologies.
In a postoperative period after patients a comprehensive dynamic supervision was carried out.
The patient of basic group in a postoperative period was conduct the complex of rehabilitation measures. In a postoperative period rehabilitation measures which include the leadthrough of antioxidant and metabolic therapy were conducted 39 (55,7%) patients of basic group. Patients went back to domestic activity through a day, to labour – through 2–4 days. The period of supervision
made 2–3 years.
The study of remote results of operative treatment rotined that in motion of all period of supervision for the operated patients the improvement of the state was marked. Subjective 97,8% patients were content with results treatments, regardless of offensive of pregnancy. 38 from 44 (83,4%) patients of basic group broke off to produce complaints about wretched menstruations. In 8 regular menstruations appeared from 10 (80,0%) patients of basic group. Premenstrual and postmenstrual bloody excretions
disappeared in 19 from 27 patients (70,4%). At the estimations of results of treatment in the groups of comparison were found out that complaints are produced by patients at questioning disappear on the short period of time (on the average on 5,5 months), whereupon disturbed again. The relapses of disease were marked in 16 from 26 (61,5%) patients of group of comparison. Ferrous hyperplasia of endocervix recommenced for 2 (7,7%) women, fibrotic changes in 5 (19,2%) patients.
Conclusions. In the complex of treatment-and-prophylactic measures for women with infertility on a background pathology of cervix it follows to include radio wave surgical treatment at presence of deformations and hypertrophies of cervix, polypus of cervical canal and leukoplakia cervix.
A cryolysis must be used for the ectopia of cylinder epithelium, chronic cervicitis and leukoplakia cervix.

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Irina Kostyuk, Shupyk National Healthcare University of Ukraine, Kyiv

Ph.D., Department of obstetric, gynecology and perinatology, Shupyk National Healthcare University of Ukraine, Kyiv



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