Influence of hysterectomy is on the functional state of ovaries


  • Vladyslavа Klimova Shupyk National Healthcare University of Ukraine


functional state of ovaries, hysterectomy


DOI: 10.52705/2788-6190-2024-01-04
УДК 618.1-071:616.35-018

The objective: to learn the clinical aspects of posthysterectomy syndrome, and also anatomicalfunctional
to the state of ovaries for the women of perimenopausal period.
Materials and methods. By us 150 women of perimenopausal period, middle age of which
made 46,9±1,1 years, were inspected. To 120 women with different gynaecological diseases
was mine-out hysterectomy, thus a 1 clinical group was made by 60 patients which was executed
hysterectomy without appendages; 60 patients after hysterectomy with appendages were 2 clinical
group, and in the group of control 30 women entered without operative treatment in anamnesis.
Results. Ultrasonic research allowed to learn a structure and sizes of ovaries for the inspected
patients. Thus, in an early postoperative period the volume of ovaries as compared to preoperated
was increased on 60% in A to the sub-group and on 70% in the sub-group of B. Wherein, the
change of volume of ovaries took place due to diminishing of number and sizes of follicles and
increase hereupon of homogenity of ovaries.
The similar structure of ovaries, presumably, foresaw diminishing of steroidogenesis, what the
results of the conducted endocrinology researches testify to. Such increase of volumes of ovaries,
probably, arises up as a result of one bandaging of basic sources of blood supply of ovaries,
which results in oppression of regional hemodynamics, development of ischemia to the edema
of ovaries. Possibly, exactly this process results in the decline of steroidogenesis in ovaries and
development of posthysterectomy syndrome in the first 10 days after an operation.
Conclusions. Frequency of origin and degree of severity of posthysterectomy syndrome for the
women of perimenopausal period has direct cross-correlation dependence on general-somatic
status (presence two and more extragenital diseases, including endocrine-dependent pathologies)
and volume of operative interference.
Hysterectomy results in the substantial changes of anatomic descriptions of ovaries which
remained, expressed in the increase of volume, decline of echogenicity and disappearance of
ordinary «ultrasonic» structure of ovaries, that blood supply of ovaries related to violation is during
an operation. Spontaneous renewal of volume of the operated ovaries originates from 9 to 12
months after surgical treatment. The got results it must draw on at development of complex of
rehabilitation measures.

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Vladyslavа Klimova , Shupyk National Healthcare University of Ukraine

Graduate student department of obstetric, gynecology and medicine
of fetus of Shupyk National Healthcare University of Ukraine, Kyiv. E-mail: vladarotsh0405@



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