Women have medical­and­social and dermatological aspects with a premenstrual syndrome


  • Myroslava Kosyuta Lviv Medical University
  • Orysya Kovalishin


premenstrual syndrome, dermatological diseases, medical-and-social value


DOI: 10.52705/2788-6190-2024-01-07
UDC 618.17-008.8-036.4-058

The objective: women have a study of medical-and-social and dermatological features with the
syndrome of premenstrual tension (SPMT).
Materials and methods. For determination clinical-pathogenetic variants of SPMT 2 groups of
inspected were selected: 100 patients with the SPMT (basic group) and 50 practically healthy
women which had menstruations (control group). Women which entered in a basic group had
different displays of SPMT. By us 20 basic symptoms of SPMT were selected, each of which was
estimated in bulk-tankers from 0 to 3.
Results. Research of social status of women rotined with the SPMT, that a most percent was occupied
by housewifes 39,0% in basic and 36,0% in a control group; 25,0% were such which serve,
from them 24,0% in basic and 26,0% in a control group; 18,0% worked on industrial enterprises;
4,0% women were the workwomen of agriculture and the 14,0% inspected was such which study.
The estimation of domestic status also did not find out reliable differences in groups which was
studied. There were most women of both basic (43,0%) and control group in the first registered
marriage (42,0%). Almost fourth of women, both in a basic and in control group were not married
(25,0% and 28,0% respectively); 18,0% inspected tendon in civil marriage. The last patients were
in the second registered marriage (12,0%). Substantial differences according to the domestic
regulations for the women of basic and control group discovered it was not. At the same time interestingly
to mark that the more than half (51,0%) of women of basic group estimates mutual relations
in families as «bad» or difficult to estimate them, and in the control group of such women was
reliable less than (20,0%; р<0,001). Frequency of dermatological diseases (acne) was 30,0%.
Conclusions. The results of the conducted researches testify to the substantial role of medicaland-
social factors and dermatological diseases for patients with the SPMT. It must be taken into
account at development of complex of diagnostic and treatment-and-prophylactic measures.

Author Biographies

Myroslava Kosyuta , Lviv Medical University

 Assistant of department of internal medicine №2 of Lviv medical
university. E-mail: mir2321447@gmail.com

Orysya Kovalishin

MD, associate professor, dean of medical faculty of the Lviv medical university. E-mail: orusia75@gmail.com



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