A role of chronic endometritis is in development of different forms of hyperplastic processes of endometrium


  • Yuliya Strakhovetska


chronic endometritis, hyperplastic processes of endometrium, diagnostics, clinic


DOI: 10.52705/2788-6190-2024-01-12
UDC 618.14-002-007.6-039:611.664

The objective: to set the clinical features of different forms of hyperplastic processes of
endometrium for women in a perimenopausal period taking into account the role of chronic
Materials and methods. It is conducted clinical-and-laboratory inspection 100 patients with
the uterine bleeding of different character and presence of echographic signs of pathology of
endometrium. After an inspection which included clinical-and-laboratory and echographic
methods, the separate diagnostic scraping off of uterus was conducted all patients under control
Depending on the results of histological research of scraping of the cervical canal and cavity of uterus
complex immunohistochemical research after which five basic groups were formed for 20 patients
in each was conducted: 1 group – women with simple hyperplasia of endometrium without atypia,
2 groups – complex hyperplasia of endometrium without atypia, 3 groups are hyperplasia of atypia,
4 groups are patients from hyperplastic processes of endometrium in combination with chronic
endometritis, 5 group – women with chronic endometritis and reactive hyperplasia of endometrium.
Results. For patients with combination of hyperplasia of endometrium and chronic endometritis
and with reactive hyperplasia, as compared to hyperplasia without atypia and with atypia, more
early beginning and expressed of clinical symptoms of disease, duration of which exceeds 2 years,
is marked. For women from an outage and difficult typical and atypical hyperplasia connection
between the morphological variant of pathological process and pathognomonic clinical symptoms
stop out. In the structure of concomitant diseases for patients the inflammatory processes of
organs of small pelvis prevail (as compared to hyperplasia without atypia and with atypia) with the
presence of chronic endometritis, the of high quality diseases ofservix, hyperplastic processes of
endometrium which testifies to the expressed system character of pathology.
Conclusions. The got results must be taken into account at development of algorithm of
diagnostic and treatment-and-prophylactic measures for women with the hyperplastic processes
of endometrium, including, and on a background chronic endometritis.

Author Biography

Yuliya Strakhovetska

Сandidate of medical sciences, doctor obstetrician-gynecologist
of medical center «Ashera», Khar’kiv. E-mail: strahvit77@gmail.com



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