Women have the combined pathology of uterus with concomitant obesity


  • Valery Kostikov Shupyk National Healthcare University of Ukraine, Kyiv


combined pathology of uterus, tactician of treatment, obesity


DOI: 10.52705/2788-6190-2024-02-08
УДК 618.14-02:618.17/.5

The objective: the women of reproductive age have a study of risk factors of the combined
pathology of uterus.
Materials and methods. 397 women of reproductive age were inspected. Inclusion criteria are in
research: presence of the combined hyperplastic processes of uterus – two and more for a disease
(hyperplasia of endometrium, hysteromyoma and adenomyosis), verified morphologically, fertile age
(18–45 years), absence in anamnesis of immunosuppressive therapy (6 months prior to entering
into permanent establishment). Collection of anamnesis was conducted on the questionnaire –
questionnaire which contains 120 points specially developed by us. The clinical methods of research
included: general review on organs and systems, analysis of gynaecological status.
Results. Detailing of anamnestic information demonstrates, that most specific gravity of risk
factors distinguished representatives with combination of all variants of hyperplastic diseases
of uterus, determining such potentially «unreliable» in a prognostic plan due to high-purity of the
domestic inherited «load» on morbidity; to high infectious morbidity and, as a result – low index of
somatic health (concomitant obesity, disease of the respiratory system and gastrointestinal tract);
initially the unhappy state of the reproductive system: violation of menstrual cycle (protracted
becoming of menstrual cycle (more than year), protracted and abundant menstruations) as
reflection unfavorable endocrine-metabolic to the background; frequent artificial abortions which
excel births on a quantity, post-abortion complications (bleeding and purulent-septic disease);
high-purity of the carried inflammatory diseases of genitalia.
Conclusions. The got results must be taken into account at development of algorithm of conduct
of patients with the combined pathology of uterus in reproductive age.

Author Biography

Valery Kostikov, Shupyk National Healthcare University of Ukraine, Kyiv

candidate of medical sciences, department of obstetric, gynecology and perinatology Shupyk National Healthcare University of Ukraine, Kyiv.



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