Women have features of pathology of cervix with a metabolic syndrome


  • Irina Kostyuk Shupyk National Healthcare University of Ukraine, Kyiv


pathology of cervix, structure, metabolic syndrome


DOI: 10.52705/2788-6190-2024-02-09
УДК 618.146-039-06:616-055.2-056.5

The objective: the women of reproductive age have determination of structure of pathology of
cervix at a metabolic syndrome.
Materials and methods. In research women joined in age from 18 to 49 years with a diagnosis
metabolic syndrome, set after the criteria of IDF, in 2020. 47 women are inspected from metabolic
syndrome of reproductive age (middle age 31,3±1,2 years). To the complex of methods researches
were included clinical, laboratory, instrumental, cytological, morphological and statistical.
Results. The results of researches testify that in 28 (59,6±5,8%) patients with a metabolic
syndrome found out the normal colposcopic states. From them there was the unchanged
squamous epithelium in 5 (17,9±1,3%) women, in 7 (25,0±2,2%) is an ectopia of cylinder
epithelium, in 16 (57,1±5,4%) is the uncompleted area of transformation. At cytological research in
29 (61,7±6,1%) women found out the II type of cytological changes – signs of chronic inflammation
on a background which there were the anomalous colposcopic states in 14 (29,8±2,9%) patients.
For all women with a atypical colposcopic picture the uncompleted area of transformation was
presented by the areas of acetowhite epithelium with clear, by iodine-negative circuit after the
test of Shilera. Thus, in 6 (42,9±4,2%) women with such found out colposcopic results a „delicate
mosaic”, in 4 (28,6±2,1%) is a „delicate punctuation”, in 1 (7,1±0,9%) is a „rough punctuation”, in
3 (21,4±1,9%) is combination of „delicate mosaic” and „delicate punctuation”.
Conclusions. The analysis of the got results did not find out reliable differences in frequency
and structure of colposcopic visualization of pathology of epithelium of cervix for healthy women
and for patients with a metabolic syndrome. It can testify that genesis of pathological changes
of exocervix is determined in a greater measure by the presence of pathogen, in particular to the
human papilloma virus, than hormonal adjusting. However for patients with a metabolic syndrome
with the purpose of prophylaxis of pathology of cervix, along from cytological screening, it is
expedient to conduct colposcopic research, taking into account the high risks of persistence of
human papilloma virus on a background dishormonal pathology.

Author Biography

Irina Kostyuk, Shupyk National Healthcare University of Ukraine, Kyiv

Ph.D. department of obstetric, gynecology and perinatology of Shupyk National Healthcare University of Ukraine.



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