The women of the different age­related groups have clinical aspects of adenomyosis


  • Olga Leshchova Dnepr medical institute


adenomyosis, clinic, different age


DOI: 10.52705/2788-6190-2024-02-10
УДК 618.14-007.415-07-005.1

The objective: study of modern clinical aspects of adenomyosis.
Materials and methods. An inspection was conducted 170 patients, from what 120 are patients
of adenomyosis of different degree of activity and prevalence - basic group. A control group
was made by 50 patients reproductive and premenopausal age without adenomyosis, which was
added hysteгectomy with subsequent pathomorphological research of body of uterus concerning
pelvic organ prolapse. To the complex of methods of researches were included clinical, laboratory,
instrumental, morphological and statistical.
Results. As a result of analysis of previous diagnoses on the prehospital stage for the patients
of adenomyosis was discovered them considerable heterogeneity. From 120 patients in 49% this
diagnosis was put correctly, in 18% adenomyosis by mistake was accepted for a hysteromyoma,
in 11% – for hyperplasia and endometrial polyps, in 7% – after dysfunctional uterine bleeding;
in 3% - at a ovarian cystadenoma. 9% patients long time inspected and treated oneself for a
neurologist, gastroenterologist, internist with suspicion on hernia of disk, osteochondrosis, colitis,
adhesive process and others like that.
On the basis of clinical-and-anamnestic information and results of gynaecological inspection of
adenomyosis was suspected in 95 patients, from them confirmed - in 56 cases. A part of pseudopositive
results was 41%. At the same time from 120 patients with confirmed adenomyosis, in a
clinical diagnosis this pathology was taken away in 62, that part of pseudo-negative results was
48%, test-sensitivity – 51,7% and specificity – 59%.
Conclusions. The got results specify in the presence of a few forms of this pathology, which
must be taken into account in clinical to practice. The effective estimation of the got clinical results
specifies on the necessity of improvement of existent algorithm of diagnostic and treatment-andprophylactic
measures for patients from adenomyosis.

Author Biography

Olga Leshchova, Dnepr medical institute

Ph.D., assistant of department of clinical disciplines of the Dnepr medical institute.



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