Women have medical­and­social aspects with natural menopause


  • Natalia Mitrinyuk Clinic of City Doctor, Kyiv


menopause, medical-and-social aspects


DOI: 10.52705/2788-6190-2024-02-11
УДК 618.173-053.02-084-085:612.662

The objective: to learn medical-and-social features for women with natural menopause.
Materials and methods. Conducted analysis of the clinical looking after 150 patients in age from
50 to 70 year with natural menopause. Groups made practically healthy women, which before
an inspection, during the last year, did not accept a replacement hormonotherapy: a to 1 group
entered 50 patients in age from 50 to 56 year, middle age 51,6±in 1,6; 2 groups are presented by
50 women in age from 57 to 65 year, middle age of 60,3±in 3,2; 3 groups consist of 50 inspected
women in age from 66 to 70 year, middle age 67,4±1,9 year.
Results. For the estimation of disorders of menopause, quality of life of inspection of women with
natural menopause conducted with the use of traditional methods of research.
Conclusions. The results of the conducted researches testify that patients had more heavy
disorders of menopause in age 66–70 year – 42%, unlike 56–65 year – 18%, that underlines
growth of metabolic violations with duration of postmenopause. Quality of life of women is related
both to the features of person, social adaptation and with the degree of expressed of disorders of
menopause. Suffer from loneliness of woman more senior in 66 – 40%, that worsens quality of
their life. Considerably a necessity to treat oneself worsens a mood – «very experience» – 39% in
age 50–56 year, it is «unpleasant» – 50%. Size of modified menopausal index higher for women
which never were in marriage (r=0,76; p<0,01).

Author Biography

Natalia Mitrinyuk, Clinic of City Doctor, Kyiv

graduate student department of obstetric, gynecology and perinatology
Shupyk National Healthcare University of Ukraine of MН Ukraine, doctor obstetrician-gynecologist
surgical department of clinic of City Doctor, Kyiv.



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