Features of psychological description of women are with the combined forms of infertility


  • Andrey Shchedrov Karazin Kharkiv national university


infertility, combined forms, psychological status


DOI: 10.52705/2788-6190-2024-02-18
УДК 618.17-02:618.177-089.888.11

The objective: a study of psychological features of women is with the combined forms of infertility.
Materials and methods. By us 156 women were inspected, sufferings infertility, that appealed
to the clinic of assisted technologies in treatment of infertility. All patients were inspected and on
the basis of abnormal clinical-and-psychopathological an inspection on the criteria of International
classification of diseases of a 10 revision was found out that a 81 woman suffered bordeline
psychical disorders. A control group was made by 52 fertile mentally healthy women. In a
group researches entered a 81 woman with bordeline psychical disorders which appealed for
the contacted of assisted reproductive technologies with the second infertility. To all patients
it was conducted complete clinical-and-laboratory inspection on a chart, accepted in the clinic
of assisted technologies in treatment of infertility. For the estimation of psychological status of
patients studied the followings indexes: Lazarus and Folishan test; index of vital style; a Leongard
questionnaire and Beсk depression inventory.
Results. More frequent all the women of the investigated group remembered a surprise, concern,
anger, loneliness, offense, depression, inadequate conduct at the estimation of feelings, when
first ran into a question about absence of offensive of pregnancy. Question which belongs more
frequent all: «Why I?», «Why with me so did it happen?». Counted the more than half of women,
that pregnancy all the same would come independently, and did not apply for treatment many
years. From it spoke to the doctor in age more senior 35 years 37,0% women of the investigated
group. Adequate position in relation to treatment modern methods registered in the group of
patients 25–30 years in 12,0% patients. A tendency is traced, that in the investigated group the
more than half of patients freely discusses the problems of infertility with a partner, practically
all feel support of partner, half mark mutual relations warm, satisfaction in sexual contacts in the
more than half of all women. A cross-correlation analysis was rotined by positive influence of
positive relation in families and offensives of pregnancy.
Conclusions. Combination of a few factors assists development of bordeline psychical disorders,
such as a non-adaptive conduct, which was instrumental in strengthening of internal tension,
disfunction of the vegetative nervous system, that appeared in vegetative violations. Protracted
internal tension resulted in development of high level of alarm, extrass of corticosteroids in future
to the immunodeficient state, that was instrumental in intensifying of chronic somatic illness.
Coping strategy «escape in illness» resulted in development of psychosomatic diseases the
primary objective of which was avoidance of treatment. The got results must be taken into account
at development of algorithm of diagnostic and treatment-and-prophylactic measures.

Author Biography

Andrey Shchedrov, Karazin Kharkiv national university

candidate of medical sciences, associate professor of department
of obstetrics, gynaecology, oncogynaecology and endoscopy, Karazin Kharkiv national university.



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