Clinical aspects acne for the women of early reproductive age


  • Myroslava Kosyuta Lviv medical university


acne, clinical aspects, early reproductive age


DOI: 10.52705/2788-6190-2024-02-19
УДК 618.17/.5-036:616.53-002

The objective: to learn clinical aspects acne for the women of early reproductive age.
Materials and methods. As a result of screening inspection in research 50 patients entered from
acne different degree of severity. All patients produced complaints on acne in the area of person,
and 10 women (20,0%) also and in the area of breasts and back. Rashes, as a rule, were not
accompanied by the subjective feelings, after a liquid exception, when separate elements were
sickly at palpation. In addition, 39 patients (78,0%) marked the enhanceable facial skin greasiness
and scalp. Age of the investigated patients ranges from 18 to 25 years. To the complex of the
conducted researches clinical, laboratory, instrumental and statistical methods were included.
Results. Found out for certain reverse cross-correlation dependence between the initial values of
diagnostic index acne and age of patients acne (r=-0,34; p=0,023). Thus, the considerably less
initial values of diagnostic index acne (less than 5) found out more than in the halves (73,3%) of
women in age 20–25, and less than in the fourth (20,0%) of patients under age 20. By us reliable
dependence of severity of motion was set acne from the inherited factors: more heavy degree
acne registered in a sub-group patients in which in domestic anamnesis acne were for a mother
(r=0,555; p=0,015) and for brothers and sisters (r=0,921; p=0,000) and easy degree – for a father.
The certain tendency of direct dependence of severity acne from duration of morbidity, however
reliable information it is not got. At a gynaecological inspection except for bimanual research
and ultrasonic research of organs of small pelvis (for the exception of gynaecological pathology)
determined a hirsutic number for patients from acne. Hirsutic number for patients acne from 10
to 25 point hesitated scope on the scale of Ferrimana-Gollveya, median 16,2. Findings testify
that expressiveness of hirsutism for certain is associated with the factors of heredity (r=0,448;
p=0,021), and also, that the degree of severity acne does not correlate with manifestations of
Direct cross-correlation dependence of degree of expressiveness of hirsutism and duration of
disease (r=0,616; p=0,003) which confirms influence of androgens on duration of dermatosis and
absence of nosotropic meaningfulness of expressiveness and severity acne is set.
Conclusions. The results of the conducted researches testify that findings must be taken into
account at development of algorithm of diagnostic and treatment-and-prophylactic measures.

Author Biography

Myroslava Kosyuta, Lviv medical university

assistant of department of internal medicine №2 of Lviv medical university.



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